40+ Angry Birds Wallpapers HD to Customize Your Desktop/PC

| August 20, 2011 | 23 Comments

Here are 20+ Angry Birds HD Wallpapers collection from around Internet. Now we want to provide to you Wallpapers to customize your Screen Saver. Some wallpapers are in high resolution for HD screen, easy to use to make your Desktop or Laptop screen look more beautiful. To download or save each wallpapers/pictures, you can click on the pictures to Download the wallpaper or Click on the image screenshot.

Angry Birds is one of the most famous games in Rovio started its debut on the MacBook and Android is now available for PC also. Here is the wallpaper live Angry Birds for your PC. It gives you an interactive wallpaper angry birds make some different sounds in each of his touch.


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40+ Angry Birds Wallpapers HD to Customize Your Desktop/PC, 4.1 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

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23 comments on “40+ Angry Birds Wallpapers HD to Customize Your Desktop/PC

  1. Cha-cha Glor on said:

    so cute

  2. Jacob Adon Pabon on said:


  3. سامي المحضار on said:

    nice game 4 pc

  4. Rustianah Jamal on said:


  5. Mehul Vaidya on said:

    nice game 4 picture I like it.

  6. Amin Golestani on said:

    nice game

  7. i inlcuded some photos here on my site, check this out!
    Best of the best Angry Birds wallpapers perfect for your iPhone, iPad and Desktop ~ Pix Gateway: http://www.pixgateway.com/2011/12/best-of-best-angry-birds-wallpapers.html

  8. Crystal on said:

    Did you all foregt David Niven (Sir James Bond) and Woody Allen…

  9. Faustino on said:

    hafid / October 22, 2011malah error gan ane copy tuh dll gnamia neh? Reply

  10. azirll / November 29, 2011kok we gak bisa ya gan ?? gimana caranya please ksih tau ,,Reply

  11. Tressie on said:

    Aldila / November 24, 2011emm,,,susah dnadlowonya..,,tapi I Like Angry Birds forever..,, blush Reply

  12. Shosha on said:

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  18. apple ipad 2 wi-fi tablet on said:

    It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Gunawan Hady on said:

    it.s good

  20. Rumen Simeonov on said:

    One of my favorite games and very funny wallpapers. I found some other interesting wallpapers and windows 7 angry birds theme here http://topwindows7themes.com/angry-birds-theme-for-windows-7.

  21. The Wallpaper IS SO Awesome!

  22. Kartik sarathe on said:

    OLA ….Angry Birds is one of the most Awesome! and amazing,

  23. محمد Mohammad on said:

    well well…..
    Thank you so much

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