Angry Birds Cakes Pictures

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All game characters are very colorful birds Angry to ignore, and it seems that some fans find very appealing, since they have created some beautiful cakes that have them. HEE-HAW-WAH


Angry Birds Clan


Angry Bird cake Clan almost all the features of the characters who have learned to love from the game, and as good as people think, the cake looks very tasty.

Red Angry Bird Cake

Angry birds  I think are making their way into the classics and years from now, will be exactly what the snake is now for us. The game is very addictive and very fun to play in those boring lectures in college or at work, where pigs of bad memories of his boss. It’s so great destruction of  dirty pigs , burying their snouts with concrete, and what if I say that the lone bird Red, who helped collect the highest scores from the first stage is at stake? 
Yes, the Red Bird only way this spectacular bird cake angry and his goal is nothing less than the extension of the smile on the face of any iPhone user. Meet PSP cake is done by hand and baked to perfection, and what’s more? It is still angry with pigs, so it will be a task to make your friend or child to stop playing and start the application, and have them cut the cake mouth water. 
Well what if you have a friend who is a very bad temper and do not know what to put it on his birthday, which is just around the corner? I will say go to this cake! Birthday Cake for a Angryfriend Angry Bird is. LOL! Birds angry fans could try, bird or iPhone Angry cases you may want to get him / her a chocolate cake Twitter.

More Angry Birds Desserts

Here are more tasty tributes of the addictive Angry Birds cakes.







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  1. daniel ng says:

    Hi there, I would like to check where to buy the angry birds cake?(Angry birds clan/red angry bird cake)
    It’s meant for my son birthday. The cakes look amazing. Thanks.

  2. نوره الشروقي says:


  3. Armando Deltoro says:

    I wish I can get one of those.

  4. 4 my reference to make a bday cake 4 my customer…

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