Angry Birds Complete Full Golden Eggs Walkthrough Locations Guide

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Complete guide to locating the 26 golden eggs in Angry Bird. Here’s in page we will link you to the videos that will helps if you have any problems.

Golden Egg # 1 Tutorial Video & Star                                                                     Video Walk Through Here

Simply click on the pause button during the game and watch the video of the white, egg-laying birds. 

Golden Egg #2 Poached Eggs level 2-2                                                       Video Walk Through for 2-2 Golden Egg

Find the Beachball and break it

Golden Egg #3 Mighty Hoax Level 5-19 (rocket ship)                                 Video Walk Through For 5-19 Here

At level 5-19 in angry birds, Zoom to the first page. You’ll find it over the rocket, which is outside the viewing area, but you’ll see when the screen moves a little. Use a yellow bird or dropping a bomb with a white bird to fly the channel “up. Any of these methods can net the golden egg. 

Golden Egg #4                          Video Walk Through Location #4

To get this golden egg, you will need to get all 3 stars rank in Angry Birds Poached Eggs.

Golden Egg #5                            Video Walk Through Location #5

Click the button credits on the main menu and watch it to the end. When the golden egg appears under the white bird, simply touch it. 

Golden Egg # 6 Poached Eggs level 1-8                                         Golden Egg Location #6 Video

Click onto the treasure chest below the building on Poached Eggs level 1-8. 

Golden Egg #7                           Golden Egg Location #7 Video

To get the #7 Golden Egg you will need to get all 3 stars ranks in Angry Birds Mighty Hoax. 

Golden Egg #8                            Golden Egg Location #8 Video

In the episode selection screen, double tap the sun below the levels (bottom middle).

Golden Egg # 9 Mighty Hoax level 4-7                                         Golden Egg Location #9 Video

At level 4-7 in Mighty Hoax, zoom out first. You’ll notice a yellow bird in the upper right corner that will gives you the golden egg.

Golden Egg # 10 Danger Above level 6-14                                    Golden Egg Location #10 Level 6-14 Video

At level 6-14, you’ll see a yellow balloon beneath a tree house on the right side. Use a new bird and a Boomerang to hit the ball and you will get the golden egg.

Golden Egg # 11 Danger Above Level Selection Screen                                       Golden Egg Location #11 Video

Once at the top of the screen at Danger Above Level Selection Screen drag the screen to the left until you can not go any further. You will see the golden eggs hidden on the right past the last group of levels. PC + Mac users have to click and drag in the window.

Golden Egg Video Tutorial # 12 and Star                                                 Golden Egg Location #12 Video

To get this golden egg you will need to get 3 stars in themes 6, 7 and 8 (Episode 3, danger above). 

Golden Egg # 13 Danger Above level 8-15                                                 Golden Egg Location #13 Video

The golden egg is on the platform sling. To get a yellow bird just bounce of the trampoline at the bottom right through the golden eggs or poultry Boomerang use.

Golden Egg # 14 The Big Setup level 9-14                                                   Golden Egg Location #14 Video

Go to the levels of 9-14 and zoom out, the golden egg is in the lower right corner. Fling a bird for him to grab it. 

Golden Egg # 15 The Big Setup level 10-3                                                   Golden Egg Location #15 Video

Destroy the duck under the bridge will get you this golden egg in The Big Setup level 10-3.

Golden Egg # 16 The Big Setup level 11-15                                                    Golden Egg Location #16 Video

If you zoom out to see the entire level it is on the left below the sling. Boomerang a bird to hit him with it.

Golden # 17 and Star                                                                                                    Golden Egg Location #17 Video

Obtaining three stars on all levels of The Big Setup will get you this golden eggs.

Golden Egg # 18 Ham ‘Em High level 12-12                                                   Golden Egg Location #18 Video

Destroy the trophy in center of the level that is between two piles of stones. Good luck this golden egg is hard to get!

Golden Egg # 19 Ham ‘Em High level 13-10                                                    Golden Egg Location #19 Video

Zoom out and see the golden egg hanging above the level. Launch the white angry birds, and place an egg at the right time to fly and hit the egg hanging.


Golden Egg # 20 (from the Rio Super Bowl)  Ham ‘Em High level 13-12                                         Golden Egg Location #20 Video

Start the White Bird back and drop an egg before it leaves the map area.


Golden Egg # 21 Ham ‘Em High level 14-4                                                      Golden Egg Location #21 Video

First capture all the way and see the golden egg at the top of the cliff on the far right. Launch of a yellow bird in a high trajectory and touch him at the right time for him and bow to the golden eggs.

Golden Egg Video Tutorial Star # 22                                                                    Golden Egg Location #22 Video

Get three stars on all levels of Ham ‘Em High, plus the three levels Facebook.

Golden Egg # 23 Mine And Dine level 15-12                                      Golden Egg Location #23 Video

Zoom out, the golden eggs  is on the crest of the right. When you see it, use a yellow bird directed toward the high mountains. When where you want to increase the tap speed to send it to the egg

Golden Egg # 24 Mine And Dine level 16-9                                         Golden Egg Location #24 Video

Mine And Dine level 16-9 golden eggs in the top of the hill on the far right. Zoom out and shoot a yellow bird up as possible and speed up after a few “feet.” It takes a bit of exercise to find the right moment to hit the golden eggs.

Golden Egg # 25 Mine And Dine Get all 3 Stars Rating

To get the #25 Golden Egg, you will need to get all 3 stars rating in Mine And Dine.

Golden Egg # 26 Level 17-12 Mine And Dine                       Golden Egg Location #26 Video

Tutorial how to get the #26 golden egg in the Mines and Dine Level 17-12

Golden Egg # 27  Birdday Party level 18-6                                  Golden Egg Location #27 Video

To get the 27th golden eggs you will need to zoom out and you’ll see the Golden Egg sitting up on the ledge on the top right hand side of this level. Waste the first two Blue Birds and collect the golden eggs with your Yellow Speedster.

Golden Egg # 28 Level 17-12                                                      Golden Egg Location #27 Video

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  4. William says:

    Hey Maria, there is another golden egg in this game. It’s Golden Egg #27.
    To get it, you need to be on level 18-6. When on level 18-6, zoom out and you will see a box with a golden egg inside. Use the yellow bird to break the box and you will get the egg.

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    i like angry birds….,,,,from angry birds rio,,,,,,,angry birds classic and angry birds seasons,,,…..i like it all….!
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    hello ! does anyone have angry birds v2.1.0 ?
    cause on this version i didn’t get the rocket ship golden egg, so i was wondering if anyone got it on this version !

  9. roberto says:

    Golden Egg # 28 se puede encontrar en Angry Birds Birdday Party nivel 19-14 . El Huevo de Oro no es visible cuando empiece el nivel, sino que se revela cuando la torta detonar TNT en el lado izquierdo de la estructura. El Huevo aparecerá detrás de la plataforma honda. Una vez visible, utilice el pájaro Boomerang pasado para agarrarlo.

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