Angry Birds Rio Jungle Escape Three Star Walkthrough Level 4-3

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This video walkthrough shows you how to get pass the Angry Birds Rio Jungle Escape in level 4-3. If you have another method that is easier or you get a better result or not like how this work please leave a comment below.

I consistently get superior results when sending white bird low to the ground, throw the egg so it hit the tree where it bends, then break the block first triagle wooden structures, which bears the tree and the nearest structure . Then either kill the tall yellow bird monkeys try to get rest, or send it directly to just the collapse of the remaining part of the structure right.

If you will notice, there is a fall on the ground before reaching the ground up with the grass. If you can right time with the white bird, come as close as possible to the corner where the grass before throwing the egg, and the angle that seems to cause much damage.

The tree in the face suck, and keeps a straight shot with the yellow bird, which is preferable.

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