DragonVale Breeding Sonic Dragon Guide

| November 10, 2011 | 7 Comments

“The sonic dragon usually makes almost no sound as it flies, but can sometimes be found harassing travelers by breaking the sound barrier close overhead. Though it resembles a bat, and does in fact communicate similarly, the yellow glow from its scales make this dragon entirely too obvious at night.”

Incubation Time: 8 hours

Earning Rate/min: 7 (48 at level 10)

Buying Price: 1,000 Gems
Selling Price: 1,000,000 Dragon Cash

Breeding: This dragon can be bred by selecting an Air Dragon to mate with a Lightning Dragon at the Breeding Cave. Its habitat can be either Air or Lightning.

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7 comments on “DragonVale Breeding Sonic Dragon Guide

  1. Ryan Goldsworthy on said:

    It looks well good.

  2. Shaun Jenkins on said:

    Thanks man

  3. yo, need this for a sun dragon,, thanks for the guide :D

  4. Somebody on said:

    Hey guys i need this for a moon dragon unfortunatly i dont have a air BUUUT i do have a sun dragon come check my islands out my gamecenter is iamsexyandiknowit i have a sun dragon and i will gift you gems if you gift me gems

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