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Basic Information:

The Colosseum is first available for purchase at level 10 for 50,000 coins. You can buy from “Buildings” on the market. Once you buy the building, which will take 4 hours to build and receive 50,000 XP points once you’ve finished. 
From there you can start entering a dragon in a tournament every day. The flags outside the Coliseum to let you know what the event will be for the day. Choose carefully when placing a dragon in the Colosseum, because it will be gone for 24 hours. You will not be able to reproduce it or receive money in the habitat. Nor gems can be used to accelerate the process, so make sure you will not need the dragon of the next 24 hours before entering the tournament. Once 24 hours have passed click the Colosseum and a popup will appear with a list of their awards. You will receive a trophy, coins, gems and experience, possibly. 

What dragon should You Enter for the Colosseum?:

I would recommend entering a dragon that has the same type as the event. For example, if the plant would suggest you write a dragon plant, or any dragon that is the plant part (Moss, Poison etc). This will probably give the best results. Recently won a gold trophy in an event of the plant with my level 8 Dragon Moss. 
There have been situations, however, where you can win a trophy from a completely different kind of dragon. My sister received a Bronze trophy when he participated in a dragon of fire under a cold event REAPERZ reported receiving a silver trophy by introducing a dragon of fire in a lightning event. In many cases it is just the luck of the draw. 

What level should my dragon be?:

This, as well as the dragon type, depends on what trophy you would like to win.  Higher levels usually yield higher trophies.

I have entered a level 6 juvenile Fire dragon into a Fire event and not surprisingly I only got a bronze trophy.  I received a silver trophy by entering a level Cold 7 dragon into a Cold event and I got one by entering a level 10 Lava dragon into a fire event.  I received my first gold trophy by entering a level 8 Moss dragon into a Plant event.  As you can see it is kinda variable, but I still think the higher the better.

The lowest level dragon to get a gold trophy is 7.  It was an adult Plant dragon in a plant event (credit Reaperz).  The lowest level dragon to get a silver trophy 1.  See the image below, I got a silver trophy when I entered my level 1 baby Mud dragon into a water event (I also got 2 gems, 3,972 coins, and 375,000XP). 

Even though there are exceptions, I recommend entering a higher leveled dragon that is at least partly the same type as the event.  The amount of coins, XP and gems (yes gems) are better when you get a Gold trophy.


Prizes From the Colosseum:

First off I want to say thank you to many people who have been posting their Colosseum results for this part of the guide. 011011ACE in particular!

The values on the chart are ranges that I know exist at the moment.  However I don’t think there is any sort of pattern.  It all appears to be random what you receive at each level for Coins/XP/Gems.  Obviously you get the most by winning gold, but apart from that I think the values are random/luck.


  Bronze Silver Gold
XP 100,000-550,000  150,000-1,600,000
Coins  21,176 3,927-34,560  10,000-79,266
Gems 0 0 or 2 5 or 15

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  1. Me says:

    My results
    Gold in lighting for adult storm dragon
    Gold in cold for adult blue fire dragon
    Gold in plant for adult poison dragon
    Silver in fire for adult blazing dragon
    Silver in water for adult ice dragon
    Silver in air for adult sandstorm dragon
    Silver in earth for juvenile earth dragon

  2. Player says:

    I received a gold in an earth event with my baby moss dragon.

  3. Waz Up says:

    I got a gold with a lvl. 1 Cold dragon in a water event

  4. Waz Up says:

    I only got 49,000 xp with a gold

  5. Rheece says:

    I got a gold with a lvl 5 swamp dragon in a water event

  6. Pep says:

    I got silver for a level 4 tree dragon in metal.
    (please note that metal and plant are opposites.)

  7. Lol says:

    XD He called his sister a he :3

  8. player #1 says:

    Add bossboy101 on game center and give me gems… I will give you gems back!!!

  9. This will be my first colosseum entry, Wish me luck as instructions are vague at best. Entry yo be TeraDo a level 10 earth dragon/ Wondering if closeness to entry right after midnight local time has an effect on results as the 24 hour period has no designated start.

  10. Herp derp says:

    Got silver medal in fire event with lvl 9 fire dragon.

  11. Dominator says:

    I’ve put my lvl 4 Blue Fire in the fire competition and have won the gold medal 3 out of 3 times

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