DragonVale How to Breed Crystal Dragon

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“The crystal dragon hoards shiny things. So long as you don’t look too greedy around it, this dragon will be quite content to let you hang around.”

Incubation Time: 24 hours (1 day)

Earning Rate/min: 7 (48 at level 10)

Buying Price: 100 Gems
Selling Price: 100,000 Gold

Habitats: Lightning, Earth

Breeding: This dragon can be bred by selecting a Lightning Dragon to mate with an Earth Dragon at the Breeding Cave.

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  1. Liongirl says:

    Good one guys! I’m trying to get the rainbow dragon and you need to breed a crystal to get the rainbow . Pleas add me on dragonvale I’m liongirlpepperdog

  2. MernAn IsfromDarkkchaos says:

    hey I just breed lighting dragon and earth dragon two time but they give me quake dragon ><.

  3. ComfortInDecay says:

    Same problem.
    Lightning + Earth = quake
    Earth + lightning = quake.
    Any solution please? :/

  4. Jayjasaurus says:

    Try breeding lava and lightning. Worked first try for me

  5. Qwerty says:

    Hi comfortindecay.
    When ur breeding a quake dragon ur earth dragon needs to be a higher level. When ur breeding a crystal dragon ur lIghtning dragon has to be a higher level. I was having the same problem. As soon as I changed this I got it first try. Hope this helps :)

  6. Ryan says:

    I got the cystal dragon first try breeding a lvl 6 lightning and a lvl 6 earth using the breeding cove

  7. C1980s says:

    The breeding process is a lottery when it comes to the rare breeds. That means that most of the attempts will fail. I know this sucks but that’s the way the game is. Having different levels of dragons breeding will not increase your success. Just put them all at lvl 10 and start taking blood pressure pills while waiting impatiently. I attempted 4 times to get the crystal dragon got pissed, used gems to quicken incubation, bred within 30 seconds after using the gems and Now i have a waiting period of 24 hrs now. I do believe I finally did it.

  8. Sezz says:

    I got my crystal dragon by breeding level 10 air with level 10 quake got it first shot.

  9. Matilda Talks says:

    How do I breed crystal dragon??? tried Earth Dragon + Lightning or the other way around and I got same dragon: scorch dragon.. :-( this isnt fair! i need help!!!!!!!!

    Thanks :-)

  10. I got mine when they on level 6

  11. I always get quake and it sucks

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