Dragonvale How To Get Gems Without Cheats

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If you think you can do so without sufficient Dragonvale gems in the game, then you are sadly mistaken. In Dragonvale, gems are more valuable than money and as a matter of fact, it is for this reason I joined this game. The following are some of the main reasons why gems are important in the game Dragonvale.

Speed up the game
Sometimes, without enough money and gems, the game can become slow. Gems play an instrumental role in speeding up the hatching time of eggs, the growth of dragons and even the purchase of other islands for expansion purposes.

For Transactions
Sometimes, you can use your germs to buy rare dragons and eggs. For instance, a rainbow dragon is worth 2500 gems while a fog dragon is worth 1,000 gems. Germs can also be used to purchase essentials in the market.

For Tending the Park
Your park is a floating island that has bushes, trees and rocks. Gems are useful for clearing bushes, making nurseries and breeding places in this island. Remember that the larger the bushes, trees and rocks, the more gems they will need so as to remove them.

The following are the ways that you can get Gems:
Through buying them
You can as well use your coins to buy gems though this is pretty expensive. You can buy them from friends or from the market depending on your preferences.
Visit Friend’s Parks
You may not earn much from making friends and visiting their parks but what you will earn will be worth much more than nothing. Once every day there will be small party hats on your friend’s island when you visit their park and by touching the party hats, you will be able to get some rewards though the amount of money to be received depends on the size of your park at the time of your visit.
Through your dragons and eggs
Babysitting your dragons is a way to earn you some cash that you can in turn use to purchase germs. You can also place your dragons on sale so as to earn gems from them especially when they are from the rarer breeds such as the rainbow dragon.
As gifts from Friends
In Dragonvale, you may send a single gem to three different friends in a day as a gift. However, not many “friends” in this game are that kind to give you their hard earned gems for free! Therefore, as much as a friend may send you gem as a gift, he will expect you to return the same hospitality.
Through trade with Friends
A friend can add you up on the game and send you gems on the understanding that you will trade something in return. For instance, a friend may agree to send you a hundred germs in exchange for a dragon egg that he needs and you have. Therefore, you have to know that such dealings are a matter of understanding and trust between the two of you. Trade means that you exchange your friend’s gems with something else.

Regardless of the methods that you will use to get your Dragonvale gems, you better ensure that you always have gems with you as you play the game. Do not spend all your Dragonvale Germs on clearing forests and rocks from the island. Rather, learn to preserve them and use them only when need arises. Being wise and patient is the key to successful play of Dragonvale.

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  1. Ulla Pauly Folke Zinglersen says:

    How do I purchase gems of friends? Or how do they give Them to me? :-)

  2. Ulla Pauly Folke Zinglersen says:

    No one? S:

  3. i AWESOMER THAN U says:

    How come it isnt letting me sign up for http://www.GameTeep.com???Need help plz!!!

  4. Molly says:

    How do I get gems without buying or getting from friend?

    • Permanentmarker3 says:

      i need to know the same thing!!!!! i have been looking on the web for like, days and i havn’t made any progress what so ever!!!!!!
      when u find out how could u pls help me 2? :D thanks

  5. Anky says:

    I need dragonvale gems plz help!!!!

  6. Toshiro says:

    Wl any 1 add me my name is horse and anime <3

  7. Add me says:

    Add ivzor gem 4 gem everyday

  8. Xander says:

    How do I use exchange coins for gems

  9. Toonew says:

    add me for gems apolloshadowraven

  10. Amber says:

    You also get gems by winning stadium events.

  11. Daniel says:

    Add me and i will gift every day

  12. Steve says:

    My gamecenter name is Solrstorm, add me as a friend for dragonvale!

  13. Jason Bonta says:

    U get the friend click ur friends than u click send gems

  14. Maggie says:

    Add me, my name is Nena1243

  15. bobby says:

    my name is coltnation16 add me plz

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  21. TheGlutton says:

    Add me and send gem, I am looking for three players who will trade daily. Gamecenter ID: TheGlutton

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    how do you add friends through the Ipod game?

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    My name is my game center username add me!!! Btw, you can use your GERMS to buy dragons? Really?? How do u buy dragons with your germs? Im reporting this for false publishing!

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  90. Why is it that sometimes you can't gift back gems to your friends because their names are blacked out for more than 24hrs I have to give gems to other people which is annoying because I just want to have a small circle of friends to gift to. Please help

  91. Jose Melo says:

    I need friends addme people, Jlito3

  92. hi says:

    you can get gems for getting a silver or gold medal in the colosem

  93. Tucker Payne says:

    Tucker446 Send me gems and I will send you some back please! Tucker446

  94. Seung Wook Son says:

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  95. Yoandry says:

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    Add me game center Joey-van-holten@live.nl for dragonval gems i want that

  101. Alialdeet says:

    Happy to give (and receive) gems: alialdeet

  102. Monique Louise says:

    Add me!

  103. Wade Granger says:

    How do you buy gems with dragon cash

  104. danny says:

    add me on game center on DANIBOI999

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    Hi add me on game center my name is: >> lukas <<

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    Hello I’m addicted to dragon vale and I have no friends on there please add me xamijanex thank you

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    I’ll send you gems ASAP if you return the favour ;)

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    If you want free gems then download the “app trailers” app. Then go to the bonus code section and type in iplayhalo. This will get you points that you can use to get free money on iTunes. Free money means free gems. It’s really easy!!

  124. Helen Stahl says:

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  125. Afton says:

    Add me to game center: I have no friends.
    GCID: Faerie_Luver

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    I need gems I play all the time and I don miss a day I need people who do the same ill send gems as long as they do it as well
    Add me at Dethlord1

  127. https://www.facebook.com/messages/100001282044083#!/pages/Discounted-Dragonvale-Gems/373049222713836
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    Deal 1: 3,750 Gems for £2 / $3.14.
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    Add me if you guys want exchange for gems. and I just bought the gem tree. dont know how it works.

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  182. Crazydude says:

    I can’t log into to gameteep. I register and fill in the in information then when I Click sign up, I have to redo everything again. I did it on my iPad do I need to do it on my pc

    Plzz help

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  243. Stephanie says:

    xRaawrxx3 ;; Add for daily Gem4Gem, trust me, I want them as bad as you do, especially since the Emerald gem dragon came out (:

  244. Shimmycoxxy says:

    Guys add me shimmycoxxy for dragon vale (gems for gems)

  245. Javier Junior Ramirez says:

    Add me ill send u gems if u send me gems Ramz EG

  246. Javier Junior Ramirez says:

    Add me ill send you gems if u seend me gems add RAMZ EG

  247. Austin Beck says:

    and gem dragons don't forget that.

  248. Meg's says:

    Please add me for gems !

  249. joe says:

    Add me-Sammyroos[i got 2 panlongs and 2 suns!] gem 4 gem

  250. joe says:

    I am lvl 22 i have got 6 islands including epic breeding island and gemstone island!
    only got 3 freinds and i have got a gem tree [so i can do g4g]

  251. toyoyo says:

    add me (+)TOYO(+)
    with the (+)

  252. Hockeykills says:

    Gem 4 a gem! I have gem tree lvl 21. Gamecenter id hockeykills

  253. Bree says:

    I need gems asap please! Game name is BreeCP

  254. Allison Medina says:

    I need 1,500 gems quick plz

  255. ChrissyLea19
    I need Gems!! Please!! =)

  256. ChrissyLea19
    Gems Please

  257. Alex says:

    Add me!!!- sinc3today
    Let’s do gem for gem. Your gems are awaiting:)

  258. Ed Li says:

    add supersayin090

  259. Louischan says:

    Please add me . I will send u gem as you send me too . Plzzzz. Louisdaimai

  260. Louis chan says:

    Add me please , i will send u gem as you send me too !

  261. Icemomnbypt says:

    Please add me as a friend in Dragonvale. My Gamecenter name is icemomnbypt. Thanks!

  262. Adam says:

    Please add me no friend 20029510

  263. Katie DeFranco says:

    Ok, so I need someone to tell me how I can send more than 1 gem a day. I read all these things that said ppl could send 3000 and do I'll make you a deal. If you can tell me how I can send that many gems at a time, and it's successful, I'll add you and do the same for you. I don't want you to send me a gem or anything, I just want to know how I can send someone thousands of gems in 1 day.

    • Katie DeFranco says:

      Oh and don't even bother requesting to be my friend until after you tell me how to do it. I new to send them to my little sister, but I promise I will send you a bunch if you can help

  264. Megan says:

    Add me Megan page

  265. Adam says:

    Game center id 20029510

  266. marshome says:

    jb:*marshome is my name please i just started

  267. marshome says:

    can someone add me because i have no idea how to add friends

  268. Kidd Cruz says:

    I don't know how to add, I'm lvl 10 and Dnt have a friend on dragonvale yet ;(

  269. Anonymous says:

    add hondeetappels for gem. I had a gifting tree, gem for a gem.

  270. Xavier says:

    How do you get gems for dragon cash?plz help:)

  271. Daniel Chun says:

    add me – dchun95
    I do gem for gem, I WILL gift back add me!

  272. U can't buy gems lier

  273. Arkar Lwin says:

    add me guys on game centre user is L3thal L3gend101

  274. Abbie says:

    Add me I will send you gems along as you send in return please add guys need help: xxabbie<3

  275. Joe says:

    Every1 add me please my game center ID is joeboi217

  276. Wyatt says:

    If you want gems then add me because I will give you gems every day promise

    And my game center name is Wyzo no.1

  277. Kenny belot says:

    Anya516. I use it daily! GEMS :)

  278. Poom10 says:

    Add me and send me gift and I will send it back to u guys

  279. Jax says:

    What is the website called to get the free gems

  280. Jessica Kapadia says:

    Add me on GC <3STARK. Tks in advance!!!

  281. ~YMCMB~ says:

    Add me will send gems if u do the same

  282. liam says:

    add me LIAM E all capitals

  283. Angelinad says:

    Add me gem for gem …

  284. ajuancar says:

    Add me game center user is ajuancar

  285. mitchmac85 says:

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  286. Corey says:

    I just joined dragonvale and need help Plz help me my game centre account name is jeffreyco13

  287. nickybense says:

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    very veel because i cach the moon and de sun dragon and panlong and rainbow sorry that i very many question stel sorryy but pliezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  288. 陈文恺 says:


  289. 陈文恺 says:

    i have no friend leh ,add me la : dragonvale_4500

  290. Jason T says:

    Please add me,my name is:dragonvale_4500

  291. Ivo says:

    Add met @ Dragonvale; IvoWieke

  292. AAS013 says:





  293. Bordercollie99 says:

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  294. Bordercollie99 says:

    Add me bordercollie99 a gem for a gem

  295. Martin says:

    Add me: Mald1ni 97

  296. jackson b says:

    ducky momo04

    get me a sun moon rainbow and ruby

  297. Zirwin37 says:

    How do u trade dragon for gems and how do u give a person more than one gem a day?

  298. daniel says:

    Add me in friend i haven’t gems my name in game center is: darckangel1213

  299. Ethan Barry says:

    send me 1 gem for 1 week and ill send you 1000 my game center name is "Ethan Barry".

  300. Ricky says:

    My name is xXxXdIeHaRdXxXx add me plz I need gems sooooo badly

  301. Jonas Bergheim says:

    Add Hanthread, og you want gems. Og you send me some gifts i Will send you 5 gems back.

  302. wasptor says:

    Somehow I still have three gems left on my tree – so it’s time to add some more friends. Level 19 daily player. GC ID: wasptor

  303. Susan Ho says:

    Please add me! solidsnakezzz

  304. Tracey Hope says:

    I have gem tree but need more neighbours. :)

  305. katie&lee says:

    add viikes
    add kayhig29

  306. viikes says:

    addd vikes gem for gem

  307. Mr FrenchFry3 says:

    Add Me!! I will send lots of gifts!!! My name is Mr FrenchFry3

  308. Normz93 says:

    Add me on game centre
    I will return gems

  309. Normz93 says:

    Add me
    normz93 <—— lts all in lower case
    Gem for gem, I play throughout the day

  310. Dont have many friends that play this so I can get you a gem if you give me one my ID is soDoz send me a friend request then a gem and I'll return the favor please don't have many gems lol

  311. Campbell says:

    GAMEWINERGUY Is me please add I need gems and give u them to

  312. Jacque Doyle Pearce says:

    Can someone add me my name is =[Tee-hee]== I have a iPod does that matter

  313. oO Lithix Oo says:

    Add me plz :) oO Lithix Oo

  314. William says:

    Hey my gamecenter username is william1225 and it’s gem for gem

  315. Aidan+52 says:

    Add me for Gem for Gem. My gamecenter name is Aidan+52.

  316. Sornram3k says:

    Add me for gem for gem. My gamecenter name is Sornram3k

  317. Add me gem for gem. I have tree. Lockwood22

  318. habadaba says:

    my gamecenter id: kidninja831

  319. Arvinth says:

    Looking forward to giving and receiving gems
    Game center : arv617

  320. Jay says:

    Add me greenbug4 :) gem for gem

  321. Lammaz says:

    Add me and everyday I’ll send gems back to first 3 friends who send me gems :)
    ID: Lammaz

  322. I have the same problem. Mone of my friends play either. Nae_84 is my GCID

  323. JAKEY ASS says:

    my name is Winnie Poo Face

  324. Quan Mach says:

    My nick name is |Z|ero … plz help me. Thanks =]

  325. Tony Kamat says:

    add me plz, fiendlover25 no friends :(

  326. albert says:


    gamecenter ID: ALBERT_FN

  327. Fevyy says:

    Hey! Send me gems and I’ll do the same

  328. Antoon1999 says:

    Please add me i realy need the gems!! :)

  329. phillip says:

    what is this

  330. amanforty says:

    Add me and send gems please- amanforty

  331. xTKxPrecision says:

    Add me xTKxPrecision If you send a gem i will send one back thanks.

  332. juniorsnorlax says:

    Hi, everyone. Add me – juniorsnorlax. I added some but they’re not giving back. Thinking of getting new ones who trade back. Thanks!

  333. good luck ask Rusty or Shawn

  334. Mcdonalds30 says:

    I’ll tell you how to get a (rainbow dragon) only if i get 50 friends requests then I’ll tell you how to get a (rainbow dragon) my name on game center is mcdonalds30 thanks

  335. Jackson Luke Alexander says:

    My gamecenter is Trollz999

  336. Anh says:

    Gem for Gem, add me in Game Center: aceweenomobile

  337. maxmax1979 says:

    hello, add me onDragon Vale please, I will gift you gem if you do the same!my game center name is MAXMAX1979 thanks

  338. Quincy Ly says:

    the dragon vale name is the game center name right?

  339. Jaycee Wright says:

    send me 2 gems I'll send them bak I really need an epic breeding cave I hsve 123 now ill send them bak I promise jayk1dd.

  340. Anissa says:

    I need 7 more gems to buy the breeding island. Please someone add me. Gem 4 gem. Anissaxox

  341. Marlow says:

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