DragonVale Moon Dragon Breeding Guide

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1. You need to be Level 20 before breeding one (as Sun & Moon dragons are the ‘creator’ of the world)
2. You need to breed Sun Dragon at DAYLIGHT, and Moon Dragon at NIGHT (dunno how it works because the time is different in different parts of the world, my bet is based on local time)

All the Successful combination for Breeding Moon Dragon in DragonVale

1. Ice Dragon + Fire / Storm Dragon

2. Snow Dragon + Scorch Dragon

3. Scorch Dragon + Fire / Storm Dragon

= Moon Dragon for Dragonvale

Breeding Moon Dragon without gems guide:

both need to be level 10
Snow Dragon + Scorch Dragon = Moon Dragon

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  1. MrMartIt says:

    i succeeded to breed a moondragon with Storm and Sonic dragons, and ofcourse at night. Within 12 hours from now it’ll hatch :D

  2. Sun says:

    This is utter bullshit. Blue fire + crystal = sun
    Check me out in 4 days while my sun dragon gets bred and incubates
    Gc id: brownah

    • Huditho says:

      I breed a Bloom and a Panlong = Sun, try them again and yes a Sun egg, than Sun and Sun= Sun. So now I have three Sun Dragons…I think I have a Moon now. Will let you know in 46 hours

  3. Slislis says:

    Blue fire + Sandstorm…

  4. Pwyll says:

    You’re wrong, i’m level 18 and i’ve already a moon dragon and my girlfriend has a sun :)

    https://img.skitch.com/20111116-md2xycuxg9n7jy22u2dhtm26sr.jpg -> SUN
    https://img.skitch.com/20111116-ibn3rxyrky7acar93neqwpkg7.jpg -> Moon

    See? Both level 18 :)

  5. Elin says:

    I got moon by breeding crystal + ice 10 pm.

  6. Guy says:

    Your first two rules are incorrect. I was able to breed a sun dragon at night, and I was only level 17. I used a Crystal dragon and a Blue Fire dragon (both level 10).

  7. josh921 says:

    snow and scorch worked for me on the second try thanks soooooooooo much guys that has completed all dragons inmy park and without your info i would prolly still be trying thank you all sooo much anyone wants to add me josh921

  8. nick says:

    um ya im lvl 18 n have sun no moon though

  9. James says:

    Hi guys I just got a a moon dragon at 12:20pm EST in Sydney I did crystal for first then blue fire for second keep trying that combo for a guaranteed moon dragon!

  10. Teko says:

    I got my moon at 1pm at lvl 15 breeding a scroch+ice

  11. Crimsonrider says:

    I got moon when I was level 19 at 10 pm and I bred fire and storm

  12. Kenton says:

    Y u all say that the sun n moon dragon must be bred at level 20 ?? I got a sun dragon at lvl 15…..

  13. Crimsonrider says:

    I agree as it it bull shit you don’t need to breed it at sun at am and moon pm. You don’t need to be level 20. I bred moon at 10pm with fire and storm and I’m level 19

  14. callum says:

    i was a level 12 when i got a sun firefly and sonic ;] sadddddddooooooo`s out ther who still haven`t got any good dragons

    ps that isn`t how to get a sun

  15. Jen says:

    I bred an earth and storm dragon both at level 7 and got a sun.

  16. Kaleb says:

    I got a sun but not a moon, I’ve tried everything to get it but it just won’t work.

  17. Lovetigers says:

    Urn I’m a level 14 and I have already have two sun dragons and a moon dragon. I bred a level 8 fire and a level 6 storm. I guess I was lucky?

  18. Martijn Driessen says:

    iam lvl 18 and. got one with fire+storm

  19. Alec Martin says:

    I'm level 15. got one with blue fire and storm.

  20. Level 21, every dragon but moon, arghhh..try try again.

  21. Est Fanclub says:

    i m do any thing but can't
    now i don t know what to do

  22. ELI says:

    Don’t need to be level 20.
    I got my first moon at level 14 with storm & ice

  23. Sa says:

    Just bred level 10 crystal + ice in that order at 1:50am and it’s 48 hours! Fingers crossed its a moon. Thanks for the advice!!

  24. Justin says:

    How i CAN get blue fire dragon. Please.

  25. Justin says:

    Add me. Jfshjs

    Gem 4 Gem

  26. I was level 16 and got a Sun dragon on my first try.

  27. I want a damn sun, moon, or rainbow dragon dammit! I googled and tried everything.. nothing works! boo! I don't even have a sandstorm dragon… I'm almost to level 20! someone help me :) please.

  28. Bogie says:

    I got rainbow from flower and mud and got sun from blue fire and scorch.
    If u don’t believe me check me out rippin cheese

  29. Tiwi says:

    I think i got my moon dragon in normal breeding cave
    Level 17 with cold lvl 8 and firefly lvl 7
    My first intention was the frostfire dragon, but it turned out to be 48 hours for breeding

    Guess im lucky :)

  30. Ericka Tomlin says:

    I got a rainbow dragon with blue fire + crystal dragons

  31. Lacey Iloveanime King Day says:

    i got a sun dragon on my first try level 15! i bred i think it was a fire and storm.

  32. Lisa n Dave says:

    Help I need moon dragon can any 1 tell me exactly which dragons in which order I’m level 19 n got the breeding element :(

  33. Foximus says:

    I got a moon dragon on my gf’s game accidentally at level 15.

    I was trying to breed a Blue Fire Dragon with a level 7 fire in the first spot and a level 9 storm in the second on the epic breeding island. It took 48 hours.

    I think it all just basically comes down to the luck of the draw as the incubation time is a ‘?’ and the type is not fire, water, air, earth or lightening. It is it’s own separate type. Just keep trying to breed everything else and eventually you may get it. Seems people are getting moon and sun from several different combinations.

  34. Witty says:

    I got rainbow with strom+crystal when I was lv17

  35. Mikkulus says:

    I was a lvl 19 tryed to get a rainbow dragon. bred crystal and bluefire… Got a sun dragon instead

  36. nielsdr says:

    omg Thas lol i breeding a lava and a crystal i wait 24 hour and this is a……. I DONT KNOW

  37. Tyler Pitts says:

    Ok witch one goes first the storm or fire dragon it may effect the breeding out come

  38. Tiago Borba says:

    Why is it that when i try to breed fire & ice it tells me that the dragons are not compatible? Same with air and earth, i dont get why..

  39. Satya Lay says:

    lols scorch Dragon + snow dragon = rainbow dragon O.o

  40. I got rainbow when I was 16 I breaded blue fire and crystal.

  41. Duan Hao says:

    Lvl 23… got 4 sun dragon from Bluefire and Crystal dragon… cant seem to get moon… still trying

  42. Alteraze says:

    if you get a sun or moon tell us what dragons you used, what time of day you used them and what level they were.

    EG: (Level 10) Blue Fire + (Level 10) Crystal at 1:47PM

    My example being the most popular combo, Gamecentre: Alteraze add me

  43. To get sun I bred scorch and storm. Got it on my first try. Idk If this one I moon but I bred crystal with ice. 24 hr breeding

  44. Tanja k says:

    Tried crystal level 10 + blue fire level 12, first try, and got a 48 hour. Hoping sooooo much for a Moon, only one of the rare i miss. :-)

  45. Bodley says:

    I breeded a lightning dragon lvl 6 and a cold dragon lvl 6 during the day and I got a moon dragon.

    Ps I am lvl 12

  46. Alex k says:

    I did Ice then storm then after like the 7th time instead of moon I got sun

  47. I've got a rainbow dragon by breeding firefly and seaweed both lvl 10 and I have a sun dragon incubating ATM, I bred blue fire and crystal and got it on my 3rd go. Add me liv3803 nd u can c the egg.

  48. Chippers690 says:

    You don’t have to be level 20. I tried a strange one, love dragon and cold dragon. I got 4 dragons I didn’t have including rainbow and sun in 6 tries :-) only need to get the moon and sandstorm now. I don’t know if this time of day thing is a myth cuz iv heard of people breeding a sun at night and moon in the day. Maybe your just more likely to get it that way

  49. If your device had been jailbroken, msg me..i"ll tell you guys how to get free gems as much as you like and others :D

  50. Dean Dibb says:

    I got 3 sun and 1 rainbow dragon using iceberg and crystal.

  51. yoyopo says:

    I am breeding blazing and mud and is 48 hours breed

  52. yoyopo says:

    i am level 19

  53. I got a sun dragon at lvl 6

  54. Zoë Kaminski says:

    I am a level 19, and I have successfully breeded level 10 blue fire and a level ten Crystal dragon to receive a sun and a moon dragon. The secret is that you have to breed the sun around 7 in the morning and the moon at about midnight, because on the description of the dragon egg it say the conditions must be just right.

  55. Randy van der Meer says:

    Its not The truth because I'm lvl 17 and i just got one from sonic and storm:)! (add me gem for gem)( swarma )

  56. Witty says:

    Oh no ! My friend lv13 and he got sun. -*-

  57. Dyl says:

    Level 23 with 8 rainbows 0 moons 7 suns GIMME A MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Add me: [tpc] flypaanda

  58. Wee Jing Hui says:

    I got a sun when I am in lvl 17 – people no need lvl 20 to breed is just by hard work u can breed out the dragon u wanted – for me is the sun dragon — I use fire n storm , try 5 times at last success :) don't give up ppl u can do it

  59. Got a Moon on first try with Ice and Scorch.

  60. I got all dragons but panlong, but this breedig thing for some dragons it might work but for rare like moon and sun dragons i think its all luck, i got a moon dragon by breeding ice berg and te love dragon, an i breeded blue fire and storm to get sun dragon… Add me! Gem for a gem.. Linda.mora

  61. fire and storm – ok, but when do you start to breeding?

  62. Got it with fire and storm, add me on gamecenter DanioGio first 5 gifters receive 3 gems because i look for daily trading

  63. Jonesy says:

    Anybody even know how to get a rainbow dragon?!?!

  64. Benjo..D says:

    Add me on Gamecenter for Dragonvale Gems. I got the Gem tree aswell. ID: Benjo..D

  65. Jill Schrijver says:

    Got one with sonic and mine (new metal dragon!)

  66. Frank Cuevas says:

    I got 3 sun dragons n 1 rainbow dragon!!! But I can't get the moon dragon!! Any one know how

  67. Anastasia says:

    I got mine by breeding sonic and snow both lvl 10 in NBC i’ve got a panlog dragon too and im now thinking of breeding the panlog with the moon dragon! Does anybody know what the result will be? Could it be rainbow? Please reply! :/

  68. Eva Manasieva says:

    I just got a moon dragon from Storm on the left and Plant on the right, Epic Breeding Cave, at 23:10h
    Was actually trying for Bloom dragon.

  69. Mitchell Crosby says:

    I actually bred one at level 17 using blazing and mud

  70. Tin says:

    I just got a sun dragon by breeding a lightning dragon and a cold dragon at 10:30 âmnd im only at lv 14

  71. Evan White says:

    Is there anyone who got a moon dragon or rainbow that's at level 27.if so what did you breed.thanks

  72. Shadowsiren69 says:

    Thats my game center and i bred my sun dragon when i was a level 22 which was about a week ago took me a few tries but it was at 1 am and i bred a fire dragon and storm dragon both level 10 and i did the same combination and its another sun dragon

  73. Mitch says:

    Add me gems 4 gems, mitchjacobs1992

  74. Caecilia Tan says:

    Omg level 16 and got a moon from sonic and storm! So excited, it's sad.

  75. dertrkkk says:

    pleese help me tell me how to get a rainbow

  76. Ainsley says:

    I am frustrated with all the people who are saying, “I have all the rare dragons (like rainbow, sun, and panlong) but I can’t get moon!” I don’t have any rare dragons. None. Unless you count Bloom or Frostfire as one, then nope. None. I spent more than 130 gems trying to breed any rare dragon but none of them worked. I prayed to God to give me a rare dragon, but I STILL didn’t get one! I have been trying for over 2 months now to get a rare dragon but I CAN’T. Those who are saying that they need another rare dragon, tell me the truth. How do you get those dragons? I am sick and tired of stupid Flower, Poison, Lichen, Bloom, Mountain, Storm, Firefly, and Sonic dragons. I WANT A RARE!

  77. Thais Borba says:

    Add me plzz gem for gem!! Thaisbr :)

  78. Kristina Skogvard says:

    I was in level 12 and breeded cold and cactus.. The dragons were in level seven bOth so this that stands up there is just bullshit:)

  79. Ksenia Muravyeva says:

    Also chrom + storm = moon

  80. Savannah Radogna says:

    I am level 21 and bred level 4 leaf dragon with the storm and got moon on first try. I was trying to get the blossom dragon.

  81. Cam Eisen says:

    I just bred one using a bloom dragon and a water dragon at level 16.

  82. Brad Pullins says:

    I have two rainbow dragons from seaweed and firefly. Happened after the fourth time I bred them.

  83. Brad Pullins says:

    Sun dragon was from mountain and crystal. I have 7 of them! sig955 is my user name.

  84. becstarr81 says:

    Hi my name is becstarr81, I have gems to gift if you would like to add me as a friend. Tonight I now have three moon eggs hatching which now makes a total of four moon dragons by breeding a level 10 firefly dragon with a level 10 lichen dragon. I used the same combination for all four.
    Hope this helps if you are trying to breed a moon dragon, good luck :)

  85. I'm level 23 and i have all dragons but not moon

    • B says:

      Just so you know.
      -You do not have to be level 20 to get them, I got mine at level 12
      -The time of day does not matter, I got a moon dragon during the day
      -I think the best combo is fire+storm. I got a moon with this on my first try

  86. Ryan says:

    Please add me as your freind in dragon vale my name is buck shot 4. Please

  87. Lewwies says:

    Got moon dragon by breeding fire and storm. I’m level 13 the only restriction on level is u have to be able to by the habitat for moon. Bred at 8:30 pm on my second attempt

  88. Yudx says:

    It doesn’t seem to work, I’ve tried all combinations more than 4 times and it doesn’t work. Add me,, game center: Yudx

  89. I got sun n moon usin crystal lichen wen tryin get emerald


  91. Charlie says:

    How do you get the solstice dragon tell me please im The Zodiack

  92. Tried like 15 times still can't get one

  93. Myself says:

    Anyone help me please!I’m level 13(I started 1 week ago S.T.F.U. Q.Q)and I got all of the rare habitats(Rainbow+Sun+Moon).Can anyone tell me which dragons I can breed to have one of those rare ones?
    NOTE:If it requires,I can be a level 14.I just need a little more XP.)

  94. Elo says:

    Lichen + Cactus Work for Me :)

  95. Got it with blue fire and scorch

  96. Maurice A says:

    If your in Australia it works on local time to get the moon. I used fire and storm (both level 10). It works between 12:00-1:00am. To get the sun it works around 7-8 am i used blue fire and crystal (both level 10)

  97. Louis Coulton says:

    I am level 18 got a moon dragon with snow and scorch second try.

  98. Mimespeler says:

    Show and quake 11.15PM got moonboots and only 1 time later almost Same time(but 2 days later) rainbow :d first 2rare dragons and lvl 20isnt truetype im only lvl 17

  99. bnm,af says:

    doesnt breeding at certain times work because i bred a blue fire + cyrstal at 10:00 PM and got a 48 hour incubation time and i think i am getting a moon dragon

  100. Eli Mu says:

    I'm only lvl 15 and I got one using Ice and Scorch.

  101. evie says:

    i haven’t got one yet but will soon!!!

  102. Tanya says:

    You can try by breeding blue fire and crystal you can breed them any place it worked for me,it really doesn’t matter what time it is!

  103. Jessie says:

    Please help pls im confused!!):

  104. Wert1070 says:

    My friend has moon and sun dragon when he was level 27 cause he went into his friends account wich was jail broken and sent lots of gens to his account

  105. Hiben Gebrrgziabher says:

    I'm level 17 and have a sundragon at 10

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