DragonVale Visual Breeding Guide Chart

| October 31, 2011 | 113 Comments

Here are DragonVale Breeding combination charts for the game.


Here is the text version of the chart.











Tree / Moss

Poison / Flower


Swamp / Seaweed



Moss / Tree


Lava / Bone


Quake / Crystal




Flower / Poison

Lava / Bone


Blue Fire

Firefly / Scorch






Blue Fire







Crystal / Quake

Firefly / Scorch





Seaweed / Swamp













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113 comments on “DragonVale Visual Breeding Guide Chart

  1. Esther Oh on said:

    Which is the right side and which is on the left side to breed?

    • Alex Lehr on said:

      Dosen’ matter which side Esther oh, it will be the same thing

      • Easty679 on said:

        It only matters which side they go on for a few dragons (like swamp,seaweed).
        From breeding I’ve found that the elemental dragons on the left are for left side dragons and the elemental dragons on the top are for the right.

        Hope this helps.

  2. Jonathan Kim on said:


  3. Leon W Evans on said:

    You go to Gameteep for that.

  4. Tyler Twizzler Maun on said:


  5. Marvin Gayle Gorospe on said:

    Nice to know.

  6. Kassidy Harrison on said:

    I tried to breed cold and fire and it wouldn't let me :( only cold and lava.

  7. Kat Mckay on said:

    It’s the top for the right and then the side for left.if you understand what I’m saying here XD

  8. Seth Avery on said:

    @everybody that responded- I tried Ice and fire and I seriously somehow got another ice… 3x in a row… How do u breed fire and ice and somehow gory another ice thrice in a row?! …..I hope that I get a blue fire sooner or later……

  9. Seth Avery on said:

    Get* sorry not gory

  10. Haydn Heck on said:

    Okay everyone, just found out that the reindeer and storm make a royal dragon. So everyone start doing that combo. Not sure which one, but I will comment in a day or so for the answer. Hope this helps.

  11. Julio Pantoja on said:

    What will a moss and a cold get me.

  12. Gertrude saminol on said:

    How do I breed a seaweed dragon? I seem to always be getting a swamp dragon and it’s beginning to make me angry

    • Codename on said:

      Just keep trying Julio, eventually u will get it

      • Easty679 on said:

        For seaweed have the water dragon on the left side and plant on the right( if you have a look on the Market area to buy dragons seaweeds to icon will be w/p and swamp will be p/w) make sure you put the dragons you want to breed on the sides the market tells you for each dragon

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  14. DragonVale**** no flaming!

  15. Combo for quake??

  16. Christen on said:

    What can I breed to get a reindeer dragon?

  17. Easty679 on said:

    Which two dragons do you breed for the highest chance to get rainbow, sun and, moon

    • Punpowpop man on said:

      I’m breeding a mud and a blazing level 10 in that order and getting a royal but not sure stick around to find out :) oh by the way my name is punpowpop man add me and I’ll send u sum gems :) ))

  18. Pokemaster1224 on said:

    Witch side does the plant and earth go to make the tree(left or right)

  19. How do u get a reindeer, sun, moon, and rainbow?

  20. Easty679 on said:

    Just got rainbow by breeding crystal/blue fire it took about 5-7 try’s I had a look on the time left when they breeding it had 1:16:05:43 so you can tell before they finished breeding it’s going to be a good result. (normally took only about 6 hours to breed).

  21. I was trying to breed a blue fire by using a fire and storm but I got a 48 hour breed and surprisingly I’m mad at this.because I really just want my blue fire XD.and any way I already have a sun and moon dragon so hoping to be a rainbow but most likely not.

  22. How do you get bone ??

  23. Easty679 on said:

    I’ve heard you have to do moon and sun at a certain time of day if this is true when?

  24. Easty679 on said:

    If you do end up getting a rainbow dragon get it to lvl 10 ASAP as it dishes out 400 coins per min

  25. Korvmaister1337 on said:

    Add me!


  26. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    I tried ice and lava, and it has a 14 hour hatch time which is the mountain dragon hatch time. Do I need to breed them many times for blue fire? It won’t let me breed fire and ice

  27. I got rainbow dragon by breeding crystal + seaweed dragon for the first time
    I just got moon dragon by breeding sonic + storm dragon for the first time

  28. HIEVERYBODY649 on said:

    If u notice some dragons have the same types…. In order to get the one u wanted u just have to do it in order ex. Pouson is what fire first lOgo and grass as second and leif is grass first then fire… Mayb its vice cersa too tire to chack its logos in the game

  29. HIEVERYBODY649 on said:

    If u notice some dragons have the same types…. In order to get the one u wanted u just have to do it in order ex. Pouson is what fire first lOgo and grass as second and leif is grass first then fire… Mayb its vice cersa too tire to chack its logos in the game….. And add me HIEVERYBODY649 all caps and ill give u gems if u gimme some too

  30. 101th_Soldier on said:

    Do an ice dragon (lvl 10) and a fIre dragon (lvl 10) will do a blue fire dragon?

  31. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    How do I get blue fire? Won’t let me do fire and ice. Can someone plz give a combo that will get me blue fire?

  32. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    I was not aware that there was a difference between ice and cold. Thanks, that really helps

  33. Is there a way to get the epic breeding island without gems

  34. Tom 1995 on said:

    can someone friend me on dragon vale i need gem’s my account id is rzasowski.95@hotmail.com

  35. Timon Veldhuizen on said:

    Where is the isemountain dragon? And how do i breed a blue fire, I tryed everything, but it wont work

  36. Mayhemattie on said:

    Flower dragon and storm dragon did ti first
    Time and got the rainbow dragon

  37. Easty679 on said:

    Small note the new iceberg dragon is breed from having water on the left and cold on the right.

  38. Mayhemattie on said:

    A new combo for sun flower dragon and storm dragon

  39. NoldorKing on said:

    I used a lava plus a cold dragon and got a frostfire!

  40. Um I’m sort of confused I breeded a level 8 lightning dragon with a level 8 cold dragon at midnight and when the egg hatched I got a sun dragon. Is that possible?

  41. Oops I meant bred

  42. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    Took a while, but I got my blue fire. Thanks for the confusion fixer 101TH_SOLDIER.

  43. Jennifer on said:

    I bred quake and ice and got moon

  44. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    Im starting to think moon just comes randomly with any combo sometimes

  45. Easty679 on said:

    How do u breed the panlong dragon ( i’m trying mud+ blazing so I include all the elements that are in the dragon)

  46. I bred a mud and a blazing and got a rainbow

  47. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    I bred crystal and blue fire, and it’s giving me a royal dragon first try. Guess well find out what it is in a couple days

  48. Jennifer on said:

    I bred blue fire and fire, both level 10 and got a sun dragon. The next time it bred only a fire dragon. Still trying for rainbow, frost fire and pan long

  49. Jennifer on said:

    My husband got pan long breeding lava and fog

  50. Sandy Corsan on said:

    Too everybody I made a royal dragon, grass and earth, it took me about 10 tries and I finally got it!!! They both have to be level 14 and once u get the royal dragon then the royal dragon habitat will appear with the sun moon and rainbow habitat!!! The royal habitat costs 10 million coins

  51. เสื้อเชิ้ตผู้ชาย on said:

    cool article

  52. เสื้อเชิ้ตผู้ชาย on said:

    I want to get some love dragon.

  53. Sebastian Geist on said:

    I got the Love Dragon at the First try And the chineseDragon for mud Left Love right

  54. thomas on said:


  55. TruW!nna on said:

    I got rainbow twice, storm and seaweed and lava and fog .. But I can’t get moon som1help ooh yeah and add me on game enter my name is TruW!nna. I’ll send gems gem for gem

  56. I need 10 gems my name is xxtomxx98

  57. Anyone know how to get a panlong dragon??????????

  58. Lewis Cullum on said:

    Hey guys could you add me and send me a gem a day please. Would be much appreciated and will return all gems sent :)

  59. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    How do I get the leap year dragon?

  60. Sarah Farooq on said:

    Add me farooqio

  61. Sarah robertson on said:

    Add me plz.. I will send u gems!! farooqio

  62. Punpowpop man on said:


  63. h8rz_cn_h8 on said:

    Got the leap year dragon with love on left and mud on right in the regular breeding cave

  64. Johny Yeah on said:

    I think i got a rainbow
    Gotta wait…

  65. David John Kilmartin on said:

    Ive tried every combo about twice now flower storm and seaweed storm and fire fly and seaweed but I can't get rainbow keep getting scorch and

  66. Manong Galing on said:

    Add me name is ROBUUH7

  67. Sal Pulido on said:

    Gem 4 Gem.


  68. Sarojyo. Add me

  69. What’s with all these royal dragon talks

  70. Hoarder on said:

    They are wrong I used love and storm once and I got a sun dragon

  71. Teagan on said:

    How do I breed water dragon I can’t find it

  72. Teagan on said:

    How do I breed water dragon I can’t find it

  73. Jeanie Drake on said:

    Finally got my Beautifull Rainbow Dragon…. Very helpfully…..Can't remember what I did!!! Durrh

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