How to Get Free DragonVale Gems & Cash for iPhone

| November 8, 2011 | 12 Comments

Step 1: You will  need to download Cydia or jailbreak to get it. That is necessary and do not need to talk too much.

Step 2: No matter what iDevice you are using, add the source apt.xsellize.com.

Here is a pictures for example.

Step 3:  This is most improtant step to getting free gems and cash. Find and install iap cracker


Step 4:  After finishing all the steps above, go to the shop and buy whatever you want and need, it really works.

Note: You will not be charged and don’t buy if it says “Confirm Payment” Because this meant it doesn’t work.

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How to Get Free DragonVale Gems & Cash for iPhone, 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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12 comments on “How to Get Free DragonVale Gems & Cash for iPhone

  1. MnM36O on said:

    Thank you very much! My friend was always boasting about how he was better then me now I’ll show him! Thank you so much once again! If u wish to add me my name is MnM36O

  2. Flipper on said:

    craytonbabes on gamecenter @craytonbabes twitter

  3. Nicole Wells on said:

    I really hope it doesnt cost anything at all . I just done it no password was needed and i got all my gems i needed etc so does that mean it worked and definately wont charge me in the long run? Because nothing came up apart from purchased confirmed…

  4. Dark_intentions on said:

    need help idk where to search iap cracker at

  5. SkinnyDragon on said:

    Go to “Manage” when you first enter cydia. If you have already added xsellize, then when you tap on “sources” it should be there. Tap on that then either scroll down until you get to the i’s or use the side scroll thingie. Eventually you’ll find it.
    BTW colorkeyboard is also in xsellize for anyone who wants to change the color of their keyboard:)

  6. Tyler Egberg on said:

    I love it. it works. I have no card on file and just spent 2000 normal dollars and got it free. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  7. Tyler Egberg on said:

    add me tke1998.

  8. monstervale on said:

    Best source ever. i use it for other games too. TY guys

  9. Bdubcudbcjnc on said:

    After you type in the email address is it supposed to come up with downloading packages?

  10. burnsie15 on said:

    i followed all of your steps and it still isnt working. It keeps asking if i want to purchase and then asking for my password. when i jailbroke my phone it said something about tethering or something. not sure if that is the problem or not. i rebooted and stuff not sure what else to try

  11. Shadels on said:

    It works up to when i try to purchase. Half way through the purchase it freezes and leaves the app. Any help?

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