Level 3-9 Plants Vs Zombies Walkthrough/Guide/Tips For Iphone

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There are many ways to beat each level of Plants Vs Zombies by Popcap made for iPhone/iPad on level 3-9 and you do not absolutely have to stick to each technique shown here.
Recommended Plants for Plants Vs Zombies Level 3-9 Walkthrough
Sunflower, Lily Pad, Peashooter, Repeater, Snow Pea, Potato Mine, Spikeweed, Tall-Nut

PopCap has reason to be confident. While this is basically a fusion of time-management game with tower defense is so colorful invention, it feels like a totally new concept.

You play the role of a home-owner, in the midst of a zombie apocalypse normal, but exaggerated to a high point of the story. Beyond the regular costume-wearing zombies, zombies you will face in the football team, zombies on stilts, pole vaulting zombies, and many more. The hungry hordes of undead are underway, but your backyard is standing in the road, covered with fresh earth, fertilized. By planting several types of seeds, should raise a crop of vegetation warrior who can defend their imminent devouring brains.

In game terms, you have to defend five lanes (six in some levels) against the zombies, you enter the right side of the screen and slowly lurch toward his house on the left. Select six types of plants in your arsenal in the beginning of the level and then place them strategically on the lawn where you can shoot the undead approaches, to fight for eating anything at hand. Gradually unlock a wide variety of plants (about 50!). Most of them act as fixed arms, periodically shooting peas or watermelons or what-you. Some protect the other, as the lovable Wall-Nut, some operators, such as Cherry Bomb, and some serve more specific purposes. Certain plants are effective against some zombies, and vice versa.

Each plant costs a certain amount of sunlight to create. Real sun balloons fall to the ground regularly, and you must click on them to add to their offering. The sunflower is their staple food, providing another source of sunlight globs that can be used to feed the rest of his army plant. Monitoring and collecting sun occupies his time between planting, like gathering resources PopCap Insaniquarium own.

There are 50 levels in the main adventure mode, spread over five different configurations and nearly seven hours of play. Each zone requires a slightly different approach. At night, for example, will be deployed bargain-mushrooms to compensate for the lack of sunlight. At the pool, you need to support their lily plants.

After completing the main story, there is still much to do. Survival modes are like extended versions of a regular level, while Puzzle mode to mix things up, hiding a variety of enemies in fragile vessels, or throwing out the zombies and against a squadron of pre-calculated the plants. The real pleasure, however, the mini-games, which riff on the theme in almost every way imaginable. Look strange hybrid called-back to previous PopCap games such as Bejeweled (here called Beghouled) and Hammer Heads.

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