Level 4-20 Where’s My Water in Sink or Swim 3 ducks Walkthough Tips For iPad/iPhone

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Level 4-20 for Where’s my Water in Troubled Waters made by Disney for iPhone/iPad free apps game. This video walkthrough show you how to get 3 ducks in level 4-20. If you found this guide to be helpful please leave a comment below or if u have a better way to get three stars let us know.
Best Score: 400 Sink or Swim Level 4-20: Rinse Cycle for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

The tips will teach you the basics to beat Where’s my water?, But if you’re still struggling to find a certain level or more difficult than the rest of the series of video guides will help you get 3 ducks.

Some stages have hidden objects you find. In this section we’ll tell you exactly where to find these extra bits – a bottle of shampoo to a tattered teddy bear. Jump to the level you specify, locate the section shown in the image and then dig where wetlands that aims to find his treasure.
W1 – Level 7 W1 – Level 10 W1 – Level 12

W1 – Level 14 W1 – Level 16 W1 – Level 19

W2 – Level 4 W2 – Level 8 W2 – Level 10

W2 – Level 14 W2 – Level 15 W2 – Level 20

W3 – Level 3 W3 – Level 5 W3 – Level 8

W3 – Level 12 W3 – Level 15 W3 – Level 18

W4 – Level 1 W4 – Level 4 W4 – Level 9

W4 – Level 15 W4 – Level 17 W4 – Level 20

These are the hiding place of all the treasures, but here is exactly the levels where you can get collect able. Follow the finger wetlands, and zero off the ground in that place!

Meet Swampy, the crocodillic toothed hero of Where’s my water? All he wants to do is scrub bath and win the girl of his dreams, but getting fresh water in the sewers of the city is not easy.

Therefore, it is up to you, in this game of Disney-published Walaber Jelly Car maker to solve lots of puzzles and get a new tank foam ridiculous main character, while avoiding toxic goop purple, acid green nasty , and others such dangers.

If you’re man enough to face drains Where is my water?, You will find a smart puzzle game with fresh ideas and innovative mechanics. But I also find it difficult puzzles, hidden objects, unlockable bonus stages, and the secret achievements.

Our job is to guide the bath water swamp, hitting tunnels through the earth, to direct the flow of water. On the way water can accumulate three rubber ducks to open worlds and later levels. Your score is based on the time needed for full bath, rubber duck numbers collected and a bonus for the overflow of water.

Where is my water? my diet is similar to oil, as needed to ensure sufficient water droplets reach their destination (bath), but instead of positioning devices on the screen to divert the flow, which is the digging of water with finger. The physics of liquids are not as impressive as Feed Me Spray or oil, the water looks quite bulky, at times, especially on the surface or when the water is removed, however it looks pretty good and flows would be expected.

There are 80 levels in four worlds, with games regularly introduced new mechanisms. The first forty levels are fairly straightforward, with the solution immediately obvious. It is easy to score three ducks (“tri-duck”) in the first two worlds without much thought. Fortunately, some pop-up levels in the third and fourth worlds. If you make a mistake, or miss one of the three ducks, there is a handy reset button to quickly reset the level.

By collecting hidden objects games scattered throughout the levels – like a sponge luck and a toothbrush – you can unlock an additional 8 bonus levels. They have different types of game-play, including some inclination to move water.

Of course, there are several obstacles to overcome, such as harmful algae growing green if you come into contact with tap water, pools of acid that absorb water and water-activated switch that cause other blocks to move. You’ll also find yellow with toxic sludge, which eats through the earth and destroy precious wetlands rubber ducks, which forced to act quickly.

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