Level 5-8 Plants Vs Zombies Walkthrough For Iphone

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Level 5-8 for Plants Vs Zombies Walkthrough for PC, Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS, iPhone, IPod, and Ipad devices. This Guide Show you how to beat this stage.
Recommended Plants for Plants Vs Zombies Level 5-8 Walkthrough
Sunflower, Flower Pot, Kernel-Pult, Cabbage-Pult, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, Squash, Wall-Nut

General Tips
For the most part in the adventure mode and survival mode will have to start by getting two rows of sunflowers as quickly as possible, in the back of your lawn

While you are trying to get their sunflowers, try to build only the plants that are needed immediately. As a blowgun only in a lane where a zombie is approching.

Once you have your sunflowers up, start focusing on their defenses. You will need to use different strategies depending on what level you are.

Try to keep at least one type of pump plant in your inventory at each level in case things go wrong.

If there is a lull in zombies use the break to dig up and replace badly damaged in the wall nuts or dried fruits high.

It may be worthwhile in later levels to bring the coffee beans with mushrooms and a magnet in the battles during the day. to help deal with metal weilding zombies.

If you shoot a pea through Torchwood then nullifies the effect of freezing.

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